Product Sourcing Services to Import from China

Looking to source, manufacture, inspect or ship your next product from China? Whether this is your first or your 10,000th product, we’re here to help at some “small” steps include:

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Free Product Sourcing Services

ODM/OEM Brand Building

Import and Export Consultation

Product Quality Inspection

China Warehouse Storage

Low-cost Shipping Arrangement

Price & MOQ Negotiations

Production Scheduling Follow-up

Professional Product Photography

Custom Packaging Assistance

Quality & Supplier Compliance.

Other Customized Services

We offer four different plans:

Free, Basic, Pro, Extra

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Management Plan


$800 value
  • Verify Supplier Assistance
  • Contact Your Supplier
  • Production Follow-up Update
  • One On-site Quality Inspection
  • Arrange Shipping
  • Tripartite Contract Signed
  • Pro Plan


    If you don't have suppiers already
  • Manufacturing Sourcing
  • Suppliers Verification
  • Private Label Solutions
  • Customization Products
  • Production Follow-up
  • Free Product Photography
  • Product Quality Inspection
  • Free Warehouse Storage
  • Arrangement Shipping to Door
  • Basic Plan

    Start from 3%

    If you have suppliers already
  • Contact Suppliers
  • Payment Assistance
  • Receiving Products
  • Counting Quantity
  • Product Return Assistance
  • Free Warehouse Storage
  • Shipping Arrangement
  • Custom

    Single service

  • Secure Payment
  • Certificate Application
  • Factory on-site Audits
  • Production Follow-up
  • Full Inspection in China
  • Pre-shipment Inspection
  • 3PL warehouse Fulfillment
  • International Logistics Solutions
  • Esenup as your contract agent for sourcing from China

    We've been helping over 2000 importers & Amazon FBA sellers to grow with our product sourcing services


    Free to Product Sourcing Service


    2.5 Times More Efficient from Sourcing to Delivery


    Multiple payment methods to Keep Your Funds Safe


    8% Cheaper for the Combination Products


    91% Less Risk, Fault or Supply Chain Issues


    100% Keep Intellectual Property Confidential

    Who connects to us?

    We’ll help match you with the right supplier for your journey
    Many Amazon sellers need to develop assembled products and maintain competitive prices. We offer amazon product sourcing service and ensure all labels are complied with before ship to FBA.
    Amazon Sellers
    Some sellers have been running an e-commerce business and want to expand their product selection, or some never produced anything before, we can keep their inventory on the cutting edge.
    E-Commerce Brands
    Some trade Importers from countries like: India, Bangladesh, Africa. . . Need to recommend their various products. They pick out the satisfied one to fill a container and then ship to them.
    Import Trader
    Many supermarkets from Southeast Asia need to purchase huge quantities with an absolute low price. We help to find matching products and fit their seasonal sales plans.
    Offline Supermarket
    Our procurement team sources all components for branded merchandise kit and we can brand them with your company logo or a variation.
    Promotional Products Sourcing
    In addition to product sourcing, we can also help many buyers with product quality control, transportation and warehousing consolidation in the case of finding a supplier.
    Value-added Services

    Product Sourcing Services FAQs

    Esenup is a fully legit product sourcing company headquartered in mainland China and Hong Kong. All Esenup operations comply with laws and regulations. We are willing to cooperate with customers to sign any valid legal documents.

    Our product sourcing services process includes evaluating, selecting and managing suppliers in order to obtain the goods and services needed from them. As a product sourcing company, we focus on creating a source where an organization can obtain supply whether it is an cheap product on shelf or a high quality customized brand.

    To start product sourcing services, First, you need to tell us the basic product information, including size, MOQ and target price, and being able to provide pictures or reference links is the most direct method. Then we will find manufacturers to build products for you, including researching appropriate manufacturers, prices, costs, negotiations and finding the best price for the products you want to sell. It is worth noting that it may take up to 1 to 2 months from the initial communication to the final order.

    Esenup as a product sourcing company, not even only handle product sourcing services but also assist with international inspection, transport and 3PL. We can provide customized solutions according to the different needs of customers imported from China.

    We can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to complete all kinds of tasks, but at least we’ll give everything we can to try. Sourcing from China is not a easy task, but we will along with you side to stay safe.

    Most international product sourcing companies do not disclose supplier information to prevent them from being kicked out by buyers in the end. However, when the purchase order amount reaches our requirement, we are willing to give the customer more supplier information. We are also willing to accompany them when they visit factories in China.
    No. Suppose you understand the entire process of purchasing, development, production, shipping and have enough workforce to keep in touch with suppliers. In that case, you definitely don’t need a sourcing company to assist you.

    First, transparency and trust are the characteristics that a good sourcing agent must possess.

    Second, the best and most professional product sourcing agent will be connected with well-known or reliable suppliers from all over the world.

    Third, product sourcing companies support e-commerce companies in sourcing raw materials or products for sale at competitive prices. They play a vital role in compensating for any strong margins and stable supply chains.